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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-06-12Drop narrow-indirect bindingsHEADmasterKyle Meyer
2021-06-12Avoid some now obsolete thingsKyle Meyer
2021-06-12init.el: Fix typo in library nameKyle Meyer
2021-06-12ess: Remove km/ess-insert-dplyr-pipe bindingKyle Meyer
2021-06-12notmuch: Set mail-user-agentKyle Meyer
2021-06-12notmuch: Update for notmuch-tree-close-message-pane-and removalKyle Meyer
2021-06-12Enable flyspell-prog-mode even if flyspell hasn't been loaded yetKyle Meyer
2021-06-12Use message mode for .eml filesKyle Meyer
2021-06-12browse-url: Send some urls to EWWKyle Meyer
2021-06-12browse-url: Simplify browser settingKyle Meyer
2021-06-12recentf: Don't activate modeKyle Meyer
2021-06-12org: Update command nameKyle Meyer
2021-06-12org: Drop binding for deleted commandKyle Meyer
2021-06-11org: Modify org-speed-commands instead of org-speed-commands-userKyle Meyer
2021-06-11Enable org-idKyle Meyer
2021-06-11org: Require recentfKyle Meyer
2021-06-11org-agenda: Use other window and pop to existingKyle Meyer
2021-06-11org: Update for contrib/ moveKyle Meyer
2021-02-06Don't use executable-make-buffer-file-executable-if-script-pKyle Meyer
2021-01-29Return magit-wip-merge-branch to defaultKyle Meyer
2021-01-29Entirely disable vcKyle Meyer
2020-12-24yasnippet: Don't add guix profile pathKyle Meyer
2020-12-24magit-no-confirm: Add set-and-pushKyle Meyer
2020-12-24Replace `after' with `with-eval-after-load'Kyle Meyer
2020-12-24Simplify autoloads generationKyle Meyer
2020-12-24Drop use of sKyle Meyer
2020-12-24Drop use of dashKyle Meyer
2020-12-23Prune some infrequently used packagesKyle Meyer
2020-12-23Drop stale Magit dependenciesKyle Meyer
2020-12-23Load modus-operandi on startupKyle Meyer
2020-12-12Disable magit-commit-show-diffKyle Meyer
2020-12-12sh-mode: Set shellcheck as flycheck checkerKyle Meyer
2020-12-12sh-mode: Enable flyspell-prog-modeKyle Meyer
2020-12-12notmuch: Use * for flaggedKyle Meyer
2020-12-12Restore magit-display-buffer-function defaultKyle Meyer
2020-12-12Switch to ivyKyle Meyer
2020-12-12theme: Switch to modus-themesKyle Meyer
2020-12-12Set transient-default-level to 7Kyle Meyer
2020-12-12Avoid setting shell-file-nameKyle Meyer
2020-12-12Drop configuration for org-contactsKyle Meyer
2020-12-12Return org-confirm-babel-evaluate to defaultKyle Meyer
2020-09-01eww: Bind beginning-of-buffer to "."Kyle Meyer
2020-09-01eww-follow-link: Flip meaning of single and double prefix argKyle Meyer
2020-09-01Add tweaks for ol-git-link libraryKyle Meyer
2020-09-01magit: Add two custom patch commandsKyle Meyer
2020-09-01Set org-startup-folded to tKyle Meyer
2020-09-01Update copyright yearsKyle Meyer
2020-04-16magit: Reconcile branch transient keysKyle Meyer
2020-04-16km-magit: Change name and default suffix of branch backup commandKyle Meyer
2020-04-16magit: Update "jump to remote counts" binding for upstream changeKyle Meyer