AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
3 dayskm-mail: Fix comment typoHEADmasterKyle Meyer
2023-01-05projectile: Don't list submodule contentKyle Meyer
2023-01-05org: Add command to copy plain file linkKyle Meyer
2023-01-03theme: Drop use of modus-themes-org-agendaKyle Meyer
2023-01-03theme: Use modus-themes-with-colorsKyle Meyer
2023-01-03theme: Fix git-annex.el face overridesKyle Meyer
2023-01-03Use named function for setting custom facesKyle Meyer
2022-11-26km/external-map: Add binding for vtermKyle Meyer
2022-11-26notmuch: Add list.orgmode to mlarchive alistKyle Meyer
2022-11-26org: Point org-directory to new locationKyle Meyer
2022-11-26org: Avoid hard-coding notes location in multiple placesKyle Meyer
2022-11-26org: Prune unused org-agenda-text-search-extra-files settingKyle Meyer
2022-11-26km/magit-update-or-auto-commit: Improve message for new fileKyle Meyer
2022-11-26ledger-mode: Restore font lockKyle Meyer
2022-11-26ledger-mode: Add account/payee insertion commandsKyle Meyer
2022-11-26init.el: Configure denoteKyle Meyer
2022-11-26Drop god-mode customizationKyle Meyer
2022-11-26magit-log: Put km/magit-cherry-dwim under "Other" sectionKyle Meyer
2022-11-26magit-diff: Use default reader for custom --diff-filter suffixesKyle Meyer
2022-11-26init.el: Update load-path for with-editorKyle Meyer
2022-11-26git: Ignore debbugsKyle Meyer
2022-11-26git: Ignore eln/cache/Kyle Meyer
2022-07-21km/magit-rev-ancestor-p: change unnecessary let* to letKyle Meyer
2022-07-20snakemake-mode: Drop snakemake-popup modificationKyle Meyer
2022-07-20browse-url: Use browse-url-handlersKyle Meyer
2022-07-20bookmark: Don't set fringe markKyle Meyer
2022-07-20init.el: Add compat to load pathKyle Meyer
2022-07-20km/magit-rev-ancestor-p: Fix article in prompt and docstringKyle Meyer
2022-02-06Drop dates from copyright linesKyle Meyer
2022-01-15modus: Don't set modus-themes-diffs to fg-onlyKyle Meyer
2022-01-15modus: Don't scale org-agenda headerKyle Meyer
2022-01-15modus: Set some git-annex-dired-* facesKyle Meyer
2022-01-15snippets: Add mktemp snippetKyle Meyer
2022-01-15notmuch-search-oldest-first: Set with setq-defaultKyle Meyer
2022-01-15km/magit-patch-create-series: Allow base overrideKyle Meyer
2021-06-12Drop narrow-indirect bindingsKyle Meyer
2021-06-12Avoid some now obsolete thingsKyle Meyer
2021-06-12init.el: Fix typo in library nameKyle Meyer
2021-06-12ess: Remove km/ess-insert-dplyr-pipe bindingKyle Meyer
2021-06-12notmuch: Set mail-user-agentKyle Meyer
2021-06-12notmuch: Update for notmuch-tree-close-message-pane-and removalKyle Meyer
2021-06-12magit: Add commands to dump diff or patch to a bufferKyle Meyer
2021-06-12km/magit-patch-create-series: Visit single patchKyle Meyer
2021-06-12Enable flyspell-prog-mode even if flyspell hasn't been loaded yetKyle Meyer
2021-06-12Use message mode for .eml filesKyle Meyer
2021-06-12browse-url: Send some urls to EWWKyle Meyer
2021-06-12browse-url: Simplify browser settingKyle Meyer
2021-06-12recentf: Don't activate modeKyle Meyer
2021-06-12org: Update command nameKyle Meyer
2021-06-12org: Drop binding for deleted commandKyle Meyer