BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterpiem-am: Clean up hidden buffers produced by interactive callsKyle Meyer4 days
AgeCommit messageAuthor
4 dayspiem-am: Clean up hidden buffers produced by interactive callsHEADmasterKyle Meyer
5 daysFix handling of -am-ready-mbox valuesKyle Meyer
5 daysExplicitly specify --patch-format in git-am callsKyle Meyer
6 daysConvert unnecessary let* to letKyle Meyer
2020-07-24gnus: Enable functions in gnus-summary-modeKyle Meyer
2020-07-19Don't assume "From:" exists when extracting infoKyle Meyer
2020-06-27piem-am: Call git-am with --3wayKyle Meyer
2020-06-27piem-am: Move git-am arguments to variableKyle Meyer
2020-06-27piem-am: Drop to-do commentKyle Meyer
2020-06-21eww: Note limitation of extracting inbox name from URLKyle Meyer