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2022-06-08README: Delete stray linkHEADmasterKyle Meyer
2022-02-21README: Delete pointer to Org's contrib/ directoryKyle Meyer
2022-02-21README: Drop mention of copyright assignmentKyle Meyer
2020-04-20Release 1.2.1v1.2.1Kyle Meyer
2020-04-20Drop an org-link-unescape callKyle Meyer
2020-04-20Use https for link in docstrings and testsKyle Meyer
2020-04-18Release 1.2.0v1.2.0Kyle Meyer
2020-04-18Update copyright yearsKyle Meyer
2020-04-16README: RewriteKyle Meyer
2020-04-16README: Drop .md extensionKyle Meyer
2020-04-16Add COPYING fileKyle Meyer
2020-04-14README: Link to newer sr.ht send-email tutorialKyle Meyer
2020-04-14Update links for repository location changeKyle Meyer
2019-12-10Replace compatibility kludge with org-element-lineageKyle Meyer
2019-12-10Update obsolete names with for ol- variantsKyle Meyer
2019-12-10Port Org mode's 2b00d6281 and bump Org dependencyKyle Meyer
2019-01-24transport: Let caller overwrite previous descriptionKyle Meyer
2019-01-24transport: Fix a docstring typoKyle Meyer
2019-01-24transport: Test point-bounds interaction for non-interactive callKyle Meyer
2019-01-24tests: Drop pointless buffer-string callsKyle Meyer
2019-01-24tests: Fix typos in Org snippetsKyle Meyer
2019-01-24tests: Reflow a testKyle Meyer
2019-01-24Use https for license linksKyle Meyer
2019-01-24Update copyright yearsKyle Meyer
2019-01-14README: Add contributing sectionKyle Meyer
2019-01-14Move main repo to sr.htKyle Meyer
2017-05-05Bump versionKyle Meyer
2017-05-05Merge branch 'km/transport-whitespace'Kyle Meyer
2017-05-05transport-next-link: Keep original description when on whitespaceKyle Meyer
2017-05-05transport-next-link: Rename a variable for clarityKyle Meyer
2017-05-05transport-next-link: Fix error on whitespaceKyle Meyer
2017-05-05tests/transport-next-link: Check "description exists" errorKyle Meyer
2017-05-05tests/transport-next-link: Specify error typesKyle Meyer
2017-05-05tests: Don't wrap a single error type in a listKyle Meyer
2017-05-05tests/transport-next-link: Describe test casesKyle Meyer
2017-05-05tests: Welcome back a stranded parenKyle Meyer
2017-03-31Bump versionKyle Meyer
2017-03-03Merge branch 'km/transport'Kyle Meyer
2017-03-03Add org-link-edit-transport-next-link commandKyle Meyer
2017-03-03Add a separate function for testing if point is on a linkKyle Meyer
2017-03-03org-link-edit--get-link-data: Rename to drop "get"Kyle Meyer
2017-03-03Add NEWS fileKyle Meyer
2017-03-03barf: Fix edge cases where point is beyond linkKyle Meyer
2017-03-03Specify Org 8.2.10, not 8.2, as oldest supported versionKyle Meyer
2017-03-03Use save-match-data around org-link-unescapeKyle Meyer
2017-03-02Update copyright yearsKyle Meyer
2016-06-04Update header URLKyle Meyer
2016-03-08Bump versionKyle Meyer
2016-03-08org-link-edit--get-link-data: Unescape link textKyle Meyer
2015-12-24Enable lexical bindingKyle Meyer