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2020-06-26Update copyright notices for 2020Basil L. Contovounesios
2020-06-25Reindent codeBasil L. Contovounesios
2020-06-25Use lexical-binding and byte-compile testsBasil L. Contovounesios
2018-08-15Use HTTPS URLs where applicableBasil L. Contovounesios
2016-01-06Update copyright yearsKyle Meyer
2016-01-06bog-tests.el: Rename some tests and macrosKyle Meyer
2016-01-06bog-tests.el: Fix some leftover concatsKyle Meyer
2015-03-04Update copyright yearKyle Meyer
2015-02-19Add tests for bog--find-duplicatesKyle Meyer
2015-02-19Use cl-lib instead of dashKyle Meyer
2015-02-17Add option to store citekey files in subdirectoriesKyle Meyer
2014-12-13Extend goto functions to support citekey propertiesKyle Meyer
2014-12-13Support creating combined bib from multiple filesKyle Meyer
2014-12-11Add function to get citekeys in bufferKyle Meyer
2014-12-11Make citekey groups for web search customizableKyle Meyer
2014-12-11Add commands bog-{next,previous}-non-heading-citekeyKyle Meyer
2014-12-11Anchor and restrict citekey regular expressionKyle Meyer
2014-12-08Avoid ambiguous use of 'notes'Kyle Meyer
2014-11-23Add bog-tests--with-temp-text macroKyle Meyer
2014-11-23Add missing require to testsKyle Meyer
2014-11-23Put header at top of testsKyle Meyer
2014-11-22Mark bog-prepare-bib-file as an internal functionKyle Meyer
2014-11-01Rework citekey collectionKyle Meyer
2014-10-31Test bog-prepare-bib-file in temporary directoryKyle Meyer
2014-10-29Fix bog-citekey-at-point for hyphenated citekeysKyle Meyer
2014-06-05Rename bog-citekey-only-p to bog-citekey-pKyle Meyer
2014-06-05Remove bog-citekey-functionKyle Meyer
2014-05-01Citekey selection macrosKyle Meyer
2014-04-26Generalize PDF functions to any file typeKyle Meyer
2014-04-26Check stage directory in renaming testKyle Meyer
2014-03-31Add functions to sort topic headingsKyle Meyer
2014-03-14ENH: Allow customization of PDF file separatorKyle Meyer
2014-02-15BUG: Fix renaming staged PDF when one choiceKyle Meyer
2014-02-15MNT: Remove bog-citekey-action heading from testsKyle Meyer
2014-02-15ENH: Remove bog-citekey-actionKyle Meyer
2014-02-12BUG: Fix logic in citekey selectionKyle Meyer
2014-02-12TST: Remove use of obsolete `flet` in testsKyle Meyer
2014-02-06ENH: Allow citekeys to be propertiesKyle Meyer
2014-02-06Reposition misplaced test headingKyle Meyer
2014-02-05Rename bog-citekey-headingKyle Meyer
2014-02-03Add function to create combined BibTeX fileKyle Meyer
2014-02-03Add function to rename and clean new BibTeX fileKyle Meyer
2014-02-03Add core citekey functionsKyle Meyer