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2016-11-09Bump versionv1.3.0Kyle Meyer
2016-10-24Add bog-clean-bib-hookKyle Meyer
2016-07-25bog-file-secondary-name: Use period instead of hyphenKyle Meyer
2016-05-23Add bog-citekey-format-allow-at optionKyle Meyer
2016-05-17Bump versionv1.2.0Kyle Meyer
2016-03-06Add command to list orphan bibsKyle Meyer
2016-01-24Add bog-dired-jump-to-citekey-file commandKyle Meyer
2016-01-17Bump versionv1.1.0Kyle Meyer
2016-01-17NEWS: Add headerKyle Meyer
2015-12-30Add command to find files with no heading citekeyKyle Meyer
2015-12-30Add command to rename existing citekey fileKyle Meyer
2015-09-04bog-create-combined-bib: Add option to avoid promptKyle Meyer
2015-08-13search: Ignore restriction locksKyle Meyer
2015-08-13NEWS: Use code tagsKyle Meyer
2015-05-04Bump versionv1.0.0Kyle Meyer
2015-03-16Support highlighting citekeys in non-Org buffersKyle Meyer
2015-03-16Replace commander with prefix mapKyle Meyer
2015-03-06Remove bog-goto-citekey-heading-in-bufferKyle Meyer
2015-02-17Add view mode for BogKyle Meyer
2015-02-17Use regexp for bog-citekey-file-name-separatorsKyle Meyer
2015-02-17Expand NEWS entryKyle Meyer
2015-02-17Add option to store citekey files in subdirectoriesKyle Meyer
2015-01-30Add command bog-open-citekey-linkKyle Meyer
2015-01-29Add command bog-jump-to-topic-headingKyle Meyer
2015-01-29Add NEWS entry for bog-list-duplicate-heading-citekeysKyle Meyer
2014-12-13Extend goto functions to support citekey propertiesKyle Meyer
2014-12-13Support creating combined bib from multiple filesKyle Meyer
2014-12-11Add command to list orphan citekeysKyle Meyer
2014-12-11Make citekey groups for web search customizableKyle Meyer
2014-12-11Add commands bog-{next,previous}-non-heading-citekeyKyle Meyer
2014-12-11Anchor and restrict citekey regular expressionKyle Meyer
2014-12-08Refer to notes consistentlyKyle Meyer
2014-12-07Follow Emacs convention for spacing after periodsKyle Meyer
2014-11-23Add command to open first citekey heading linkKyle Meyer
2014-11-23Expand some NEWS itemsKyle Meyer
2014-10-15Use cache for bog-all{-heading}-citekeysKyle Meyer
2014-05-07Fix typo in NEWSKyle Meyer
2014-05-07Add bog-citekey-tree-to-indirect-bufferKyle Meyer
2014-05-06Widen if needed in goto-heading functionsKyle Meyer
2014-05-01Add NEWS for Bog commanderKyle Meyer
2014-05-01Add NEWS for new citekey selection behaviorKyle Meyer
2014-05-01Changes item spacing in NEWSKyle Meyer
2014-04-26Generalize PDF functions to any file typeKyle Meyer
2014-04-26Rename to NEWSKyle Meyer