AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-03-01Loosen compatible release identifiers for install_requiresstable-0.6.yKyle Meyer
2020-12-28Save to/cc headers as-is for trackingKonstantin Ryabitsev
2020-12-21Add -f to "b4 mbox" to filter dupesKonstantin Ryabitsev
2020-12-21Check if -o is a maildirKonstantin Ryabitsev
2020-12-21Update version to 0.6.3-devKonstantin Ryabitsev
2020-12-18Prepare 0.6.2 releasev0.6.2Konstantin Ryabitsev
2020-12-15Convert mboxrd to mboxoKonstantin Ryabitsev
2020-12-10DKIM: remove extra public-inbox headersKonstantin Ryabitsev
2020-12-09Only check allow-list of trailers in follow-upsKonstantin Ryabitsev
2020-12-09Add BugLink to non-person trailersKonstantin Ryabitsev
2020-12-07Create stable-0.6.y and increment versionKonstantin Ryabitsev
2020-12-07Update version to 0.6.1 as hotfixv0.6.1Konstantin Ryabitsev
2020-12-07Add dkimpy and dnspython to install_requiresKonstantin Ryabitsev
2020-12-07Don't crash if dkimpy is not installedKonstantin Ryabitsev
2020-12-07Prepare for 0.6.0 releasev0.6.0Konstantin Ryabitsev
2020-12-07Try all DKIM headers if failed on the firstKonstantin Ryabitsev
2020-12-07Silence some pycharm warningsKonstantin Ryabitsev
2020-12-07Fix logic when adding trailers without DKIM sigsKonstantin Ryabitsev
2020-12-04Limit slug length by 100 charactersKonstantin Ryabitsev
2020-12-03Fix ReST in README.rstKonstantin Ryabitsev
2020-12-02Move the g= hash back into the XPH headerKonstantin Ryabitsev
2020-12-02Fix logic on git-patch-id hash generationKonstantin Ryabitsev
2020-12-02Don't give up on attestation if there's no indexKonstantin Ryabitsev
2020-12-01Deal with dupe follow-up trailers sent to coverKonstantin Ryabitsev
2020-12-01Fix crash when dnspython is not availableKonstantin Ryabitsev
2020-12-01Fix b4 ty auto-matchingKonstantin Ryabitsev
2020-11-30Fix headers generated by "b4 ty"Konstantin Ryabitsev
2020-11-30man: Drop apostrophe from midmask valueKyle Meyer
2020-11-30Properly clean up temporary threadfileKonstantin Ryabitsev
2020-11-30If using -m, reduce local mbox to strict threadKonstantin Ryabitsev
2020-11-30Fix crasher in mismatched trailer handlingKonstantin Ryabitsev
2020-11-30Display DKIM status of follow-up trailersKonstantin Ryabitsev
2020-11-25Unbreak thanks-trackingKonstantin Ryabitsev
2020-11-25Use both To: and Cc: for --cc-trailersKonstantin Ryabitsev
2020-11-24Add --cc-trailers option to b4 amKonstantin Ryabitsev
2020-11-24Fix crash on incomplete series thanks trackingKonstantin Ryabitsev
2020-11-24Improve ty with cherrypicked subsetsKonstantin Ryabitsev
2020-11-24Unquote msgid if we're getting a full https URLKonstantin Ryabitsev
2020-11-24Fix crash due to incorrect array lengthKonstantin Ryabitsev
2020-11-23Tweak display in softfail modeKonstantin Ryabitsev
2020-11-23Add sendemail-validate hook and attestation docsKonstantin Ryabitsev
2020-11-23Use correct identity in the i= fieldKonstantin Ryabitsev
2020-11-23Fix softfail/hardfail messagesKonstantin Ryabitsev
2020-11-23Do not parse email if no x-patch-sigKonstantin Ryabitsev
2020-11-23Be more compatible with older dkimpyKonstantin Ryabitsev
2020-11-23Add mutt-filter modeKonstantin Ryabitsev
2020-11-23Work with older dnspython for dkim callsKonstantin Ryabitsev
2020-11-20Fix DNS lookup failureKonstantin Ryabitsev
2020-11-20Add attestation-check-dkim config optionKonstantin Ryabitsev
2020-11-20Fix in-header attestation codeKonstantin Ryabitsev