AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-02-22make: Add target to create tar signature for cgitHEADmasterKyle Meyer
2022-02-22Release 2.0.0v2.0.0Kyle Meyer
2022-02-22make: Drop transient from the load pathKyle Meyer
2022-02-22mode: Add support for new module syntaxKyle Meyer
2022-02-22Delete snakemake-compile compatibility aliasKyle Meyer
2022-02-22snakemake-rx-constituents: Drop deprecated sm-funcKyle Meyer
2022-02-22mode: Add support for some newer keywordsKyle Meyer
2022-02-21Increase minimum required Emacs version to 26.1Kyle Meyer
2022-02-21Drop cl-lib from Package-Requires headerKyle Meyer
2022-02-21transient: Use --cores=all by defaultKyle Meyer
2022-02-21transient: Replace --jobs with --coresKyle Meyer
2022-02-21Rewrite snakemake-popup as a transientKyle Meyer
2022-02-21Rework copyright linesKyle Meyer
2022-02-21ci: Switch to GitHub ActionsKyle Meyer
2022-02-21make: Load autoload.el before calling update-directory-autoloadsKyle Meyer
2020-12-24mode: Add "name" to the list of field keysKyle Meyer
2020-11-08Release 1.8.0v1.8.0Kyle Meyer
2020-11-01docs: Update stale Snakemake linksKyle Meyer
2020-11-01mode: Add "container" and "envmodules" keywordsKyle Meyer
2020-11-01travis: Turn off emails about successful runsKyle Meyer
2020-11-01travis: Bump Python version to 3.7Kyle Meyer
2020-11-01NEWS: Reformat entry about new keywordsKyle Meyer
2020-07-19mode: Add "envvars" to list of top-level commandsKyle Meyer
2020-04-17mode: Add "cache" to the list of field keysKyle Meyer
2020-04-16README: Revise contributing sectionKyle Meyer
2020-04-16issue_template.md: Tweak wordingKyle Meyer
2020-04-16issue_template.md: ReflowKyle Meyer
2020-04-13Merge branch 'readme-updates'Kyle Meyer
2020-04-13README: Add a contributing sectionKyle Meyer
2020-04-13README: Rewrite as a plain text fileKyle Meyer
2020-04-13Rename READMEKyle Meyer
2020-04-13README: Update Snakemake linkKyle Meyer
2020-04-13Add COPYING fileKyle Meyer
2020-04-13Redirect those opening issues/PRs on GitHubKyle Meyer
2020-04-13Update links for repo's new homeKyle Meyer
2020-02-22Release 1.7.0v1.7.0Kyle Meyer
2020-02-21Merge branch 'emacs27-font-lock'Kyle Meyer
2020-02-21font-lock: Adjust python-font-lock-keywords handling for Emacs 27Kyle Meyer
2020-02-21font-lock: Pull python-font-lock-keywords into snakemake'sKyle Meyer
2020-02-21mode: Retain non-keyword parts of inherited font-lock-defaultsKyle Meyer
2020-02-21mode: Add "multiext" to list of built-insKyle Meyer
2020-02-21NEWS: Delete second-level headingsKyle Meyer
2020-02-21Update copyright yearsKyle Meyer
2019-09-11Release 1.6.0v1.6.0Kyle Meyer
2019-09-11guix-snakemake-environment: Update stale commentKyle Meyer
2019-04-11mode: Add checkpoint supportKyle Meyer
2018-10-07Release 1.5.0v1.5.0Kyle Meyer
2018-10-04snakemake-font-lock-keywords: Increase command precedenceKyle Meyer
2018-10-04mode: Add "report" to list of field keys and built-insKyle Meyer
2018-10-04mode: Add "localrules" as to the list of top-level commandsKyle Meyer