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2019-12-10Port Org mode's 2b00d6281 and bump Org dependencyKyle Meyer
2b00d6281 (Change bracket link escape syntax, 2019-03-09) updated a match group in org-link-edit--link-data for a change in org-bracket-link-regexp. Apply the change here. That commit is included in the recently released v9.3. Set that as the minimum requirement because the new value will not work with earlier releases.
2019-01-24transport: Let caller overwrite previous descriptionKyle Meyer
The existing description may not be of interest to the caller, especially if it was automatically generated by org-store-link.
2017-03-31Bump versionKyle Meyer
2017-03-03Add org-link-edit-transport-next-link commandKyle Meyer
2017-03-03Add NEWS fileKyle Meyer