AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-11-26Clean up unused importsHEADmasterKyle Meyer
2022-11-26b4: Update to latest versionKyle Meyer
2022-11-26b4: Drop unused bindingKyle Meyer
2022-11-26patatt: Update to latest versionKyle Meyer
2022-11-26misc: Drop tojsonKyle Meyer
2022-11-26Update copyright yearsKyle Meyer
2022-03-02emacs.scm: Drop emacs-ox-gfmKyle Meyer
2021-09-18b4: Update to latest releaseKyle Meyer
2021-09-18patatt: Update to latest releaseKyle Meyer
2021-09-18emacs.scm: Drop emacs-ledgerKyle Meyer
2021-09-18git-annex.scm: Drop git-annex-devKyle Meyer
2021-05-22misc: Add snapshot of unreleased b4Kyle Meyer
2021-05-22misc: Add patattKyle Meyer
2020-12-24Delete r.scmKyle Meyer
2020-11-15misc: Remove b4Kyle Meyer
2020-09-27misc: Remove grokmirrorKyle Meyer
2020-09-21grokmirror: Update to 2.0.0Kyle Meyer
2020-09-01emacs: Drop packages that are now available upstreamKyle Meyer
2020-08-16b4: Avoid installing manpage source files file in man/Kyle Meyer
2020-08-04README: Add missing wordKyle Meyer
2020-08-04README: Drop emphasis from warningKyle Meyer
2020-07-27b4: Update to 0.5.2Kyle Meyer
2020-07-24b4: Install manpagesKyle Meyer
2020-07-24b4: Update to 0.5.1Kyle Meyer
2020-07-24grokmirror: Remove unnecessary argumentsKyle Meyer
2020-05-29b4: Update to 0.5.0Kyle Meyer
2020-05-13b4: Update to 0.4.2Kyle Meyer
2020-05-13misc: Add grokmirrorKyle Meyer
2020-04-21misc: Add b4Kyle Meyer
2020-04-21misc: Do a restricted import of with-directory-excursionKyle Meyer
2020-04-20README: Rewrite as plain textKyle Meyer
2020-04-20README: Drop .md extensionKyle Meyer
2020-02-28git-annex: Do a restricted import of with-directory-excursionKyle Meyer
2020-02-28git-annex-dev: Change source directory locationKyle Meyer
2020-02-28git-annex-dev: Disable testsKyle Meyer
2019-11-02git-annex: Drop reference to now-deleted definitionKyle Meyer
2019-11-02git-annex: Drop custom definitionKyle Meyer
2019-11-02r: Update import for relocated packageKyle Meyer
2019-10-10emacs: Drop custom use-package definitionKyle Meyer
2019-10-10emacs: Drop custom ace-link definitionKyle Meyer
2019-10-10emacs: Drop custom avy definitionKyle Meyer
2019-09-16km-git-annex: Remove custom versionKyle Meyer
2019-09-16km-git-annex: Remove custom ghc-magic inputKyle Meyer
2019-09-13km-git-annex: UpdateKyle Meyer
2019-09-06git-annex-dev: Use km-git-annex's package argumentsKyle Meyer
2019-09-03git-annex: Enable S3Kyle Meyer
2019-09-03git-annex-dev: Inherit from km-git-annexKyle Meyer
2019-09-03git-annex: Move definition of km-git-annexKyle Meyer
2019-09-02git-annex-dev: Work around upstream workaroundKyle Meyer
2019-09-02git-annex-dev: Remove unnecessary inputKyle Meyer