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2020-04-25README: Replace Gmane links with message-id-based onesKyle Meyer
2018-08-15Merge pull request #10 from basil-conto/blc/httpsKyle Meyer
2018-08-15Use HTTPS URLs where applicableBasil L. Contovounesios Fix non-existent symbol namesBasil L. Contovounesios
2018-01-12Typo fix and minor aestheticsBasil L. Contovounesios Quote bog-mode as a functionBasil L. Contovounesios Fix grammarBasil L. Contovounesios Update MELPA URLBasil L. Contovounesios Update link to Org-refKyle Meyer Fix grammarKyle Meyer
2015-03-16Support highlighting citekeys in non-Org buffersKyle Meyer
2015-03-16Replace commander with prefix mapKyle Meyer
2015-01-30Add command bog-open-citekey-linkKyle Meyer
2015-01-30README: Update function listKyle Meyer
2015-01-30README: Sort function and variable listsKyle Meyer
2014-12-08Refer to notes consistentlyKyle Meyer
2014-12-07Add notes exampleKyle Meyer
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2014-11-27Remove mode variable from READMEKyle Meyer
2014-11-24Rename README to README.orgrenan-ranelli
2014-02-08DOC: Make text version Github's preferred READMEKyle Meyer
2014-02-08DOC: Provide bibtex-autokey settingsKyle Meyer
2014-02-08DOC: Revise READMEKyle Meyer
2014-02-08DOC: Remove README subtitleKyle Meyer
2014-02-07ENH: Make compatible with single BibTeX fileKyle Meyer
2014-02-06ENH: Allow citekeys to be propertiesKyle Meyer
2014-02-03DOC: Add READMEKyle Meyer