AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-09-01Up version to 0.8.0 and prep for relaseHEADstable-0.8.ymasterKonstantin Ryabitsev
2021-08-25Normalize linebreaks when reconstituting bodyKonstantin Ryabitsev
2021-08-18Document listid-preference config parameterKonstantin Ryabitsev
2021-08-18Missed backfill call cleanupKonstantin Ryabitsev
2021-08-18Remove kludges that were needed before /all/Konstantin Ryabitsev
2021-08-17Filter duplicate results when querying new seriesKonstantin Ryabitsev
2021-08-17Move dedupe code into central locationKonstantin Ryabitsev
2021-08-17Reimplement deduping based on list-id preferenceKonstantin Ryabitsev
2021-08-16When deduping, prefer DKIM-validating messagesKonstantin Ryabitsev
2021-08-05Handle decoding incorrectly encoded headersKonstantin Ryabitsev
2021-08-03Parse just headers when extracting message ID from stdin mboxKyle Meyer
2021-08-03Avoid decoding errors when extracting message ID from stdinKyle Meyer
2021-08-03Don't consider signature contents for trailersKonstantin Ryabitsev
2021-08-03Sanitize msgid before using it as savenameKonstantin Ryabitsev
2021-06-22Fix wrong statement on patches without indexesKonstantin Ryabitsev
2021-06-22Allow '.git' to be a file for worktreesRob Herring
2021-06-22Tweak --guess-base outputKonstantin Ryabitsev
2021-06-22Additional --guess-base refinementsKonstantin Ryabitsev
2021-06-21Reimplement --guess-baseKonstantin Ryabitsev
2021-06-17Don't append .git unnecessarilyKonstantin Ryabitsev
2021-06-11Test to make sure mbox files contain unixfromKonstantin Ryabitsev
2021-06-11Save mbox files with proper unixfromKonstantin Ryabitsev
2021-06-10Start using pytest for the test frameworkKonstantin Ryabitsev
2021-06-09Update patatt to latest 0.4.6Konstantin Ryabitsev
2021-06-09Fix sloppy trailer handlingKonstantin Ryabitsev
2021-06-09Fix for recent function API changesKonstantin Ryabitsev
2021-06-08Perform an encoding bug avoidance danceKonstantin Ryabitsev
2021-06-08Check if the name is nullKonstantin Ryabitsev
2021-06-08Initial support for github pull requestsKonstantin Ryabitsev
2021-06-08Fix crasher on unsigned FETCH_HEADKonstantin Ryabitsev
2021-06-08Tentative suport for sending exploded seriesKonstantin Ryabitsev
2021-06-07Save exploded pull requests as maildirs as wellKonstantin Ryabitsev
2021-06-07Shuffle DKIM logging code around a bitKonstantin Ryabitsev
2021-06-07Update to latest patatt versionKonstantin Ryabitsev
2021-06-07Include dkim log output when -d/--debug argument is passedPaul Barker
2021-06-07Handle MIME encoded-word in DKIM-Signature headersPaul Barker
2021-06-07Add my own attestation keyKonstantin Ryabitsev
2021-06-07Add attestation key 74975C81B7E66BACKonstantin Ryabitsev
2021-06-03Update patatt to 0.4.5Konstantin Ryabitsev
2021-06-03Account for in-body headers when trimming bodyKonstantin Ryabitsev
2021-06-03Fix partial reroll TUI visuals for v1->v2Konstantin Ryabitsev
2021-06-02Implement trim_body supportKonstantin Ryabitsev
2021-06-02Add *.maildir to gitignoreKonstantin Ryabitsev
2021-06-01Fix cache aging cleanup of threadsRob Herring
2021-05-28Update to newer patatt versionKonstantin Ryabitsev
2021-05-28Limit 'From mboxrd@z' replacement to start of messageKyle Meyer
2021-05-26Up version to final 0.7.0v0.7.0Konstantin Ryabitsev
2021-05-26Add new b4 pr flagsKonstantin Ryabitsev
2021-05-26Check uids on the key when using default keyringKonstantin Ryabitsev
2021-05-25Update attestation section in the READMEKonstantin Ryabitsev